Our Program

Burien, Washington.

Full time enrollment open to children ages 4 weeks to Pre-K, before/after school care for children ages Kindergarten to 12 years, and a summer program for school age children from Kindergarten to 12 years.

Butterfly Room (Infant)

The Infant Program (4 weeks to 11 months) will provide diapers, formula, and baby food.  The curriculum of this program is to assert a high level of responsiveness to each infant in order to establish basic trust and security in a safe environment.  Major gross motor skill lesson objectives are lifting the head, sitting upright and alone, crawling, standing with support, to walking.  Fine motor skill lesson objectives are grabbing objects, feeding themselves, and the pincer grasp.  Sensory development lessons based on depth perception, hidden objects, and object permanence.  Encouragement of language development through rhythm exchange using expressive words and receptive verbal communication.  

Monkey Room (Woddler)

The Woddler Program (12 months to 17 months) will provide diapers.  This program nurtures the child's basic sense of autonomy, self-control, independent action, and empathy.  Gross motor skills evolve around learning to walk independently in different mediums such as stairs and different directions such as backwards, as well as throwing, pulling, and kicking. This program is designed to have a playful atmosphere primarily child directed process orientation. Recognizing purpose of numbers, experimenting with food, and teachers that model pronunciation and grammatical structure are continual themes for this age group.

Mouse Room & Giraffe Room (Toddler)

Preschool Prep Programs (27 months to 35 months) will be working on toiletry training skills. Some key gross motor lessons work on developing jumping, running, biking, and balance.  Fine motor lessons include holding a pencil, copying shapes such as a circle, and preparing cereal. Play starts to include invention of objects and roles through symbolical representations, cooperation, and story sequencing.  Problem solving skills, learning to be part of a group, using words to express emotions are recurring themes in this program.  Music, creativity, and dramatic play are fully embraced in this program.

Otter Room & Zebra Rooms (Preschool)

Preschool Programs (36 months to 47 months) start the process of experimenting, practicing, and imitating.  This program promotes physical activities such as hopping, skipping, spinning, and walking in a straight line. Fine motor lessons include the use of scissors, small blocks, and drawing straight lines, circles, and rectangles. Shape sorters, construction blocks, playdough are example materials for manipulative play. Creative play develops by using glue and models to increase concentration. Discovery play lessons include simple experiments of guessing objects. Imaginative play is expanded with the use of objects such as cardboard boxes. Prosocial behavior is promoted through organized games and sharing.

Kangaroo Room (Pre-Kindergarten)

Pre-kindergarten Programs (48 months to 72 months or start of Kindergarten) provide children with all the tools needed to enter Kindergarten.  Physical lessons include obstacle courses and swings.  Fine motor lessons include buttoning coats, legos, small puzzles, and cutting outlines. Play often involves "follow the leader" activities, music, sewing cards, and collages. Creative skills are enhanced through using textured paints and objects such as sand. Discovery skills is seen in science lessons with seeds and "what-if" scenarios. Imaginative play involves dress up clothes and social groups start to form. Differences between reality and fantasy, development of humor, and verbal reasoning are key components of this program. Children are taught how to organize and sort their surroundings, create a system of fair group rules, and think out loud.  Emergent literacy skills are a primary focus where interactive/participatory process of learning to read and write.

Tiger Room (School Age)

Before/After School Programs (Kindergarten to 12 years) provide a convenient and safe structured environment for school age children before and after their school hours. Fun creative art activities, homework time, and physical activities will be balanced during the time in the program. Breakfast before school and snack after school will be the provided meals.

Summer Programs provide a weekly themed curriculum packed full of fun activities for those children who are school age.

Special Features

  • Burien Dance Theater: We provide transportation to and from the Burien Dance Theater Fridays from 10-11am so children can participate in 30 minutes of ballet and 30 minute of tap class
  • Normandy Park Swim Club: During the summer we provide transportation to and from Normandy Park Swim Club Monday -Friday for a daily 30 minute swim lesson.  
  • Piano: Our music program offers a weekly 30 minute piano lesson with our piano teacher.
  • Spanish Class: Our language program offers a weekly Spanish lesson with our Spanish teacher. 
  • Meals Provided: Tuition includes Breakfast, AM Snack, Lunch, and 1-2 PM Snacks, infant formula and infant food.
  • Diapers Provided.
  • Smartboard and advanced technology used in classrooms.
  • Preschool & Pre-Kindergarden classes: Preparation for advanced placement school program.
  • Secured Access: The facility requires a private keycode in order to attain access into the building.
  • Millennium Kids Parent Association: A non-profit volunteer based parent board that allows enhancement of early education and enrichment programs.